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Biologically active complex was designed especially for men with active and dynamic lifestyle. It is a natural stimulant and adaptogen that helps the body to cope with heavy physical and sport stress situation by increasing your energy level.

One of the reasons why athletes turn to dietary supplements is because they want to supplement their regular diet with macronutrients and to get an additional boost and source of energy, which can be difficult to obtain from regular food.

Various biologically active complexes are helping athletes to maintain their health despite of the intense physical exertion and to increase the effectiveness of the training itself; to eliminate muscle and joints pain; to improve their mood and ability to cope with psychological stress.

Natural compounds such as ecdisten, obtained from the roots of the Leuzea safflower plant, enhances protein synthesis in the body, maintains a positive nitrogen balance, increases mental and physical performance and has tonic and metabolic effect. It creates an optimal environment in the body for strengthening and regenerating muscle tissue after a heavy workout.

The extracts of ginger, lemongrass and eurycoma, which are part of our complex are exhibiting adaptogenic properties, which improve vitality and general well-being, reduce fatigue and lethargy, and pass the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. Sport life helps to minimize and eliminate psycho-emotional stress, reduce unnecessary anxiety and anxiety, as well as avoids "jitters" during the competition.

The devil's claw and coleus help to relieve muscle clamps, unconscious tension in the trapezius muscle, and also purposefully work out the desired muscle in training. They reduce stress levels, mental and physical, and allow you to adapt to stress. Each workout is stressful for the body, and with the help of adaptogens, the body recovers faster and is better prepared for the next load.

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