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It is designed to improve the functions of the cerebral cortex, stimulate the memory process, rejuvenate the cognitive functions and improve the focus and concentration without disrupting the natural biological rhythm of your body. It helps to reduce the

Remedy is intended to improve the functions of the brain and to stimulate cognitive processes, including recollection process (memory). The components of the biologically active complex Neurotone will help to restore the damping functions of the brain caused by aging or trauma, without disrupting the biological rhythm of the brain.

It is recommended for intellectual, mental work, students and people who have suffered psychological shocks, experienced high stress and emotional disturbances, for senior citizens as preventive measure against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

The biologically active complex Neurotone is also used to combat stress, chronic sleep deprivation, fatigue and decreased attention. Neurotone can be an effective adjuvant for people who have suffered from a heart attack or stroke, as well as for patients with atherosclerosis. It helps to prevent the development of physiological and functional disorders of the brain.

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