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Remedy is designed to increase libido in men and to stimulate the natural production of male sex hormones. It increases sexual desire and pleasure from sex.

The Masculin complex is used as an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. The biologically active components that make up this remedy have the potential to bring back the sexual man’s health with persistent erection, increase libido and potency, and the duration of sexual intercourse.

Like all of our products, Masculin is a 100% natural product with natural origin that does not negatively affect men's health and it is suitable for men of all ages. We recommend using the Masculin complex for men who have experienced intense physical and psychological stress, who have reduced potency, weakened erection, as well as poor libido and decreased sensation during sex.

Masculin - promotes the active production of its own testosterone, by providing an improvement in potency, an increase in sexual strength and a stable erection. Masculin can be taken by men suffering from cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Our drug can be combined with drugs that stimulate erection. The amino acids that make up our drug increase sexual desire, increase the sensitivity of the Penis, improve sensations during intercourse and provide a brighter and longer orgasm. Masculin can be used as a monotherapeutic agent, as well as to be part of the complex medicinal therapy for erectile dysfunction.

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