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Recommended for women in menopause; this remedy helps a woman to cope with hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disturbances, night sweats and decreased libido, as well as the feeling of lack of oxygen, dizziness and nausea.

Changes in the work’s environment of a woman's body during menopause greatly affects both of her well-being and her psychological state. Women complain of mood swings, hot flashes or chills, deteriorating skin, bones and loss of elasticity of the mucous membranes. One of the most unpleasant manifestations is osteoporosis, or bone destruction. Disruption of the balance of sex hormones leads to a change in the course of a number of processes in the body, including an imbalance in the formation and destruction of bone tissue. As a result, the risk of fractures is increased.

For women, during the onset and course of menopause, hormone replacement therapy, symptomatic treatment, as well as taking vitamins, minerals and herbal preparations may be offered. Given the impressive number of side effects from hormone therapy, many women traditionally prefer phytoestrogens, such as the biologically active complex Femalon.

Phytoestrogens are plant-based substances that have an estrogen-like effect. These substances prevent the development and progression of cardiovascular diseases, reduce the risk of cancer, and reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms. The main indicators for their appointment are: early menopause (before the age of 45), diabetes, hypertension, certain features of the menstrual cycle (for example, late onset of menstruation), diet features (including drinking a lot of coffee, lack of weight, and so on) ...

Herbal remedies for menopausal women include flavones, isoflavones, coumestans, lignans. These active substances are contained in extracts of black cohosh (black cohosh), red clover, Chinese coptis, hops, soybeans.

One of the most popular natural remedies for combating estrogen-like effects is cimicifuga extract. In Europe, the extract of this plant ranks eighth among those prescribed for the treatment of climacteric syndrome. Studies have shown that black cohosh extract normalizes the balance of hormones, smoothing hot flashes, psycho-emotional disorders, sleep disorders, muscle, joint and headaches. It also has a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system, helps to eliminate attacks of heartbeat, sweating, dizziness and improves bone metabolism.

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