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The complex is recommended for women who have an active lifestyle or do heavy workouts. The remedy has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties which are increasing body's endurance and resistance to the negative environmental factors.

Regardless of age, any woman wants to look young and attractive, both for herself and for those surrounding her. When a woman reaches fifty, various physiological changes occur in the female body, which are important to consider when choosing dietary supplements for women of this age group. After 50, due to the natural hormonal changes in the body, the absorption of calcium deteriorates in women, and this is the root cause for the development of osteoporosis and possibly even fractures. This is especially true for those women who lead an active lifestyle or play sports.

Choosing the biologically active complex 50+ WOMEN, a woman can improve her health and especially the beauty of her skin, nails and hair; keep in mind that these features do represent a woman’s business card and these features are the first ones to be noticed. Increase libido, prevents gastrointestinal diseases, restores the body after stress, malnutrition and, of course, keep your weight under control. In addition to all this, the 50+ WOMEN complex will help a woman to prepare for the onset of menopause.

The Rosehip, which is rich in vitamin C, included in the complex will help to fill out the lack of ascorbic acid, which is involved in the synthesis of collagen and due to which the youth and elasticity of the skin is ensured and the number of wrinkles is reduced. The 50+ WOMEN complex will also help in the fight against atherosclerosis - cholesterol plaques on the inner surface of the arteries, and the fatty acids, enzymes and trace elements that make up it will increase immunity and improve the state of the nervous system.

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