50+ MEN

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The complex is recommended for men living an active lifestyle or exercising heavy workouts. The remedy has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties, it increases the body's endurance and resistance to negative environmental factors.


In modern life, men are confronted with various challenges: hard labor, physical work, social and psychological pressure, family, sports and even bad habits caused by living in big cities and metropolitan areas. The 50+ men complex is designed to maintain the healthy lifestyle of men in their mature phase of life and to normalize blood pressure, heart function, vision health and to increase the endurance against the frantic rhythm of modern life.

We have specially developed the 50+ Men Complex in order to help middle-aged men to cope with the natural changes taking place in their body. We have focused our attention on herbal immunomodulators, mood correctors and phyto-drugs that enhance the endurance of the human body.

All our remedies are fully made out of natural ingredients, and therefore are completely safe and risk free for health. By taking this remedy, a man can be assured of its positive effectives on his body and health. Our biologically active supplements will help you to get rid of physiological and psychological struggles.

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