Detox Day

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The remedy has a detoxifying effect on the liver and it helps to eliminate bile stagnation and to reduce cholesterol levels. It has a mild laxative effect by removing toxins from the body and promoting the growth of beneficial microflora in order to normal

The Detox Day program is aimed at gradual cleansing of the body. It promotes the elimination of toxins, normalization of metabolic processes and improvement of the intestines, liver and kidneys. Natural plant extracts and components are facilitating the remedy to act gently, without causing discomfort during administration; the remedy helps to restore healthy intestinal microflora, improve digestion, reduce the risk of food fermentation in the intestines and cleanses the kidneys.

Detox Day - increases the cleansing activity of the intestines and has a mild laxative effect, removing toxins from the body. Promotes the elimination of stagnation of bile, restores the drainage function of the biliary tract and the restoration of the barrier functions of the liver. The Phyto complex has a mild diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect by helping to eliminate excess fluid and swelling.

While administrating the Detox Day remedy, it is recommended to take 250 ml of Kefir daily, which altogether with the herbal ingredients are part of our treatment, hence it will guarantee a healthy intestinal microflora and improve the absorption of nutrients.

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